Women is...: Barb Weidmann Music Maker

Barb Weidmann Music Maker

Who She Is: Owner of Baby Music Boom, Inc.Babymusic, a Minneapolis-based children's record label that has put out eight albums and a video since 1993. The company has won numerous Parent's Choice Awards and the Family Channel Seal of Quality.

Born: 1953

First Break: More than 20 years ago, Weidmann "got a job as a receptionist in a recording studio. I had absolutely no background in music."

Learning the Biz: Weidmann spent 20 years working in the field. In 1983, she became an executive at dmp, a high-quality audiophile jazz label in New York City and, ultimately, a talent agent for musicians.

The Big Idea: The Baby Boom concept came to Weidmann after her first child was born in 1992. "I started getting gifts of children's music and I noticed there was a big gap in the quality [between that and adult music]. I decided to dive in."

Secret to Her Success: "We work with artists who are well established in the adult music world."

Biggest Hit: Baby Boom's top seller is Peter Himmelman's "My Best Friend is a Salamander," which one reviewer described as "rib-tickling, at times soulful flights of fancy." In the title song, a child learns you shouldn't judge a pal by how he looks (kinda slimy) and what he eats (grasshopper feet and roasted flies).

On Music: "Kids are used to getting things so fast on TV and the computer -- completely visual. But music comes at them a different way and really stimulates their imaginations."

Favorite Bands: The Grateful Dead, the Beatles and Blind Faith