Women is...: Romantic Fantasies

Romantic Fantasies

Every person has their own romantic fantasies. Each fantasy has its own unique feeling, tone, and theme.
Some people have simple fantasies, yet others elaborate their romantic dreams with many sophisticated details. There is one thing in common with all romantic fantasies, however. It is desiring something that you don't already have in your life and that can only come true with a romantic partner.

Fantasies provide peace of mind and escape from the real world, and romantic fantasies in particluar serve as a vehicle to a more satisfying sex life. Fantasies put people in touch with their sensuality, while also allowing them to become more comfortable with themselves and their relationships.

Women tend to be more sensual and romantic, relying on soft lighting, scented candles and slow music to set the mood. When most women fantasize about making love, it is often with a focus on their current partner (though sometimes someone unattainable, famous, etc. may creep into the mind's eye.) Location and setting play important roles as well, and the emotional connection is critical in most cases.

For some women, the ultimate fantasy is just spending time with the one they love. As one woman revealed, "I have the occasional naughty fantasies, but more than anything, I think about being curled up in his arms."

Sharing Your Fantasy

Very often, both partners in a relationship have fantasies they would like to share with their partners, but they don't reveal them. Fantasies evoke strong emotions and revealing them can make you vulnerable. Therefore, fantasies are usually kept private. To present your secret thoughts to someone can take courage.

It is easy and comfortable to assume that revealing your fantasies will not be appreciated by your partner. Although no one can read another person's mind, most people think their partner would not want to live out a fantasy with them.

Tell Your Partner What You Want

How to tell your partner about your romantic fantasies?

All you have to do is be clear about what you want and then tell your partner. Yes, this may sound easier to do than it is, but what do you have to lose? If you have someone who loves you, that person may be more eager to make you happy than you think.

Try This:
Write your fantasy down in one sentence. Have your partner write his or her fantasy down as well.
Now that you have written it down, you should be clear about what you want.
The next step is to share the fantasy with your partner. Go ahead, you will be surprised who easily fantasies can become reality!

Remember, your sensual and romantic thoughts can become reality if you share them with your love. Enjoy!