Women is...: Secrets to Smooth, Sexy Legs

Secrets to Smooth, Sexy Legs

Many men can’t resist a sleek and sexy set of legs. From
short and sassy miniskirts boasting miles of gorgeous legs to long,
silky skirts subtly showing off beautiful legs through tasteful slits –
fashion is your friend when it comes to accentuating your wheels.

To emphasize your legs with very minor adaptations to your
normal cleansing and beauty routines, read on for a few quick tips to
bring out and maintain a sexy look for your legs.

    Don’t rush when you shave. Nothing ruins a
    super-close shave like nicks from a hurried shave. Hastily shaving your
    legs may cause the razor to snag your skin and remove tiny chunks at a
    time, especially around your knees, ankles and the thin areas of flesh
    on your shins. To combat nicks from shaving too quickly, rinse away the
    blood before exiting the shower, blot with a tissue or toilet paper and
    apply a tiny corner of tissue to your wound. Allow it to dry the blood
    and decide whether the cut necessitates a bandage.

    Moisturize! Shine adds a whole new dimension to smooth
    legs. A fragrant lotion creates softness and newly applied lotion
    creates a nice glow that draws attention to your silky legs. See: Moisturizing Creams For Skin Types

    Use a loofah pad to exfoliate and buff out imperfections.
    Sometimes tiny blemishes caused by ingrown hairs or minor skin
    conditions render legs to be not as smooth as they once were. By gently
    exfoliating at least once or twice a week, your legs can be healthy,
    soft and blemish-free with very little effort. If you aren’t sure what
    a loofah pad looks like, visit the beauty aisle of your local
    drugstore, supermarket or superstore. They typically have a
    beige-colored surface on one side and a terrycloth type surface on the
    other. These items usually only cost a dollar or two, and they’re well
    worth the investment!

    Try a vitamin-rich body scrub. While exfoliating with
    the loofah pad provides a great scrubbing motion, indulging in a
    luxurious body scrub is as good for the senses and the spirit as it is
    for the body. The nutrients contained in the scrub potion nourish the
    skin and welcome healthier cells to replace the dead skin cells shed
    through exfoliation. Don’t just scrub away old cells – promote new

    Exercise! While the aesthetic elements mentioned above
    will truly lend themselves to the overall condition of your legs, these
    products and practices won’t do a thing for your muscle tone and body
    mass. To keep your legs in swimsuit shape all year long, consider
    engaging in regular exercise several times a week. Get into a good
    habit of running, walking or jogging, bike riding, stair climbing or
    doing simple exercises like leg-lifts. Even the smallest amount of
    exercise can be beneficial to your body as you build your way up to
    longer routines.

Sometimes, legs may not be fat, but just look heavy, because of bad circulation. Put your legs and feet up.

Also, avoid standing for prolonged periods of time to reduce the appearance of varicose veins.