Women is...: Blissful Baths

Blissful Baths

Turn your bathtub into a bliss-filled pleasure zone!

For centuries, baths have been recognized as a luxurious method of healing and treatment. Your tub time can be about more than getting squeaky clean. You can relieve stress, enhance your energy level, treat sore muscles, and even improve your skin tone � all within the walls of your own bathtub!

It's easy to transform your ordinary soak into an extraordinary experience and watch your stress wash down the drain. Start by setting aside one evening this week. Take the phone off the hook, retreat to your bathroom and follow these easy suggestions.

Tub Tip
Indoor heating, which dries the air in your home, can wreak havoc on your skin. Whenever possible, leave the water in your tub overnight to help humidify your home.
Relax. Before slipping into the tub, spend some time winding down. Take a short nap, curl up with a good book, or do some yoga to clear your mind.

Prepare. Do whatever it takes to create a state of bliss in your bathroom: Soothing music and scented candles can help create the perfect ambience. Be sure you have everything you need within arms' reach before you step into the tub. The last thing you want to do is get in, get wet, and wish you had something to drink. Make some herbal tea while the tub fills up.

Massage. Spas use hydrotherapy to jump-start circulation and rid the body of toxins. In your own shower, massage your body in circular motions with a high-powered shower head. Target problem areas like your tense neck muscles, alternating the water temperature from warm to cool for maximum stimulation and relaxation.

Soak. Slip into a warm bath with two cups of simple sea salt. Sea salts are a rich source of elements like iodine, believed to "unblock" the metabolism and help treat cellulite.

Moisturize. Avoid having a bubble bath � most contain harsh ingredients that will dry your skin. Instead try an oil-based treat like our Winter Sunflower Soak.

Scrub.Moisten a cup of sea salt with water to create a sticky paste. Massage the paste into your skin in an up-and-down motion, starting at your feet and working up (avoid scrubbing your neck and breasts). Don't be surprised if you sweat up a storm � your body will be working hard to detoxify. Rinse the paste off with warm water, vigorously towel-dry your skin, add plenty of moisturizer while your skin is still damp, and then slip into something comfortable.