Women is...: The Sun Signs: GEMINI, CANCER


GEMINI, the Twins
The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect and speed! This is one of the joy-of-life signs, one that reaches out, expands and expresses. Gemini is an inquisitive student with a quick grasp of subjects. Mutable motivation brings adaptability. This is wonderful because variety-loving Gemini needs change. A flexible personality ensures that Gemini can connect with others.

Gemini's active energy can go too far, and then Gemini has a hard time finding the right direction. Members of this sign need a countervailing force of stability. The desire to communicate quickly and rapidly benefits when tempered by receptivity. Then not only can the Twins speak, they can listen in return � and complete the circuit! Balance comes from slowing down, listening, and learning the fine art of follow-through!

CANCER, the Crab
Cancer's element is Water. Symbolic of the emotions, water signs need to give and receive. They thrive on the exchange of feelings. They need security and love � to be wrapped in an environment of love and comfort. Truly a wonderful example of Yin receptivity, Cancer seems to absorb memories, feelings and psychic messages. Of course, they send back their own good vibes in the process. The cardinal motivation energizes their strong ability to provide for others. Few work as hard and as tenaciously as Cancer.

Without the balance of Yang assertiveness, however, Cancer's confidence can be a bit wobbly. After all, the Crab is so very sensitive to everything. Just as the sign's ruler, the Moon, goes through phases, Cancer often experiences moodswings. Sometimes the desire to love results in giving too much. In such cases, the Crab can become overprotective or dependent. Balanced, the Cancer adds personal independence to his or her priorities.

brings a need for independence. Aries coincides with springtime, when seeds germinate in an outpouring of energy and growth. This sign has an instinctive identity, early extroversion, spontaneity, and a very direct approach.

"Fire" can rage out of control. Aries's cardinal-sign assertiveness can become too willful. Then we have wild spring weather � a storming nature and a passion for power. Spontaneity can become impulsive � as only a sign ruled by energizing Mars can be! Balance comes by adding gentleness to independence and by tempering the Self with self-awareness.

TAURUS, the Bull
The Earth element of Taurus brings strength and the desire for solid ground, form and structure. Preservation is important. The Bull's fixed motivation seeks first to stabilize, then produce. Ruled by loving Venus, Taurus has great emotional depth. Friends and lovers rely on the warmth and emotional accessibility of this sign. Taurus represents consistency, loyalty and patience.

Fixed earth can be very rigid, too cautious to take some of the risks necessary in life. Sometimes the Bull ends up temporarily stuck in the mud. He or she may not want to rise to every challenge or potential. And stubborn? Ah yes! The Taurus Bull may always surface. This sign's Yin energy can go too far; Taurus becomes very, very passive � even lazy. Balance comes with a reliable plan, one that satisfies Taurus's need for stability while allowing for action and accomplishments.

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