Women is...: Things You Should Always Have on Hand

Things You Should Always Have on Hand

First, there are the obvious items that no romantic evening can be without: Candles and soft music.

When it comes to candles, the more the better (if he's sensitive to fragrance, use only unscented candles). Nothing is more dramatic than a room filled with glowing candles. Put them in every room that you and your sweetie will be using � cluster them in your living room and surround your bathtub with them. Of course, have plenty in your bedroom, too. And because nothing spoils the mood more than not having any matches to light them, make sure you have plenty on hand.

Music is the perfect way to not only set the mood, but to get into the mood. Whether it's soft romantic ballads or sexy sultry jazz, make sure you have something ready to turn on right away. On nights when you're expecting him to visit, you might want to have the music playing and the candles lit even before he arrives.

Of course, it would be romantic to have wine chilled ahead of time, but remember that not all men like or drink wine. If he's a beer drinker, have his favorite brew chilling in your fridge. Or have all the essentials for his signature cocktail.

Also, if your home or apartment has the ultimate mood setter � a fireplace � be sure to have plenty of kindling and dry wood on hand. Nothing is worse than a fire burning out just when things start heating up.

Creating romance and pleasure takes planning � even when you're planning for the unexpected. Besides the basics there are many other items you should keep on hand in case of a romantic emergency.