Women is...: The Enduring Charm of Ballroom Dancing

The Enduring Charm of Ballroom Dancing

In the 1700s the oldest ballroom dance, the waltz, was considered so risqu� that it was banned throughout Germany and France. It was the first dance where partners wrapped their arms around each other. Parents were warned about the carnal risk their dancing daughters were being exposed to.

Fortunately for lovers, the fluid movements of ballroom dancing have endured. Whether you're on the dance floor with your latest boyfriend or your husband of many years, waltzing can quickly heat things up between a couple. What's more, waltzing burns away calories.

Another great thing about ballroom dancing is that it is a social dance. Unlike loud disco clubs, you can actually hear each other speak over the music and engage in a conversation.

If you consider yourself too hip-and-happening for ballroom dancing, you may want to try the latest dance revival. Originating in the 1930s, swing dancing, along with its cool counterparts � martinis and cigars � has been enjoying a comeback in lounge bars and night clubs.