Women is...: Top Statistics on Love

Top Statistics on Love

(North America, 1998)
A majority (68 percent) of women say they wear sexy lingerie to please themselves, not necessarily anyone else. The secret's out: 72 percent of women believe that when their men give them a gift of lingerie, the gift is really for him!

Time for Love
(Global, 1998)
Contrary to conventional wisdom, women around the world have plenty of time for romance; in fact, 56 percent say they have ample time to make love with their partner, and 58 percent don't let a day go by without making themselves look attractive! If they could have more time for just one thing, women around the globe would choose:

1. Traveling: 26 percent
2. Quality time with friends and family: 15 percent
3. Romance: 14 percent

Trust, Lies, and Relationships
(North America, 1997)
Nine out of 10 respondents (89 percent) believe that mutual trust is very important in a relationship, but only 69 percent say they trust their mate completely. And 4 percent admit they don't trust their partner at all!

(Global, 1997)
More than six out of 10 men and women believe their mate is "just right" when it comes to the jealousy issue! Those who believe that they're hooked up with a partner who is "too jealous" are most likely to live in Turkey (40 percent), Portugal (36 percent), Poland (31 percent), Spain (30 percent) or Greece (25 percent).

America in the Bedroom
(North America, 1996)
Almost half (46 percent) of women in North America agree that "a good night's sleep is better than sex." Fully one-third say that if they could have anything in the world, they would like more sleep.

The Ideal Man
(Global, 1996)
The ideal man would always be "my best friend," according to 47 percent of the survey respondents. In his spare time, the ideal man would most often choose to spend time with his kids, say 36 percent of all those surveyed.

(North America, 1995)
Eight out of 10 men and women agree that the best thing about being a couple is "having someone to share your life with." The survey also proves that the concept of the "clingy" woman is a fallacy: 65 percent of all women surveyed are comfortable doing things without their partners, compared with 51 percent of the men.

The Most Romantic Women in the World
(Global, 1995)
The men most likely to agree with the statement "I adore her, and she feels the same about me," live in Australia and the U.S. (96 percent each), Canada (95 percent), France (94 percent) and Taiwan (93 percent). Those most likely to report that "she takes me for granted" live in Hungary (87 percent), Holland, and France (79 percent each).