Women is...: Romantic Cafes

Romantic Cafes

A regional guide to the most romantic outdoor restaurants in the U.S.

If you�re searching for a new romantic hot spot to enjoy those sultry summer nights, try a caf� overlooking moonlit water or one tucked away on a charming street off the beaten path. Caf� wining and dining is one of the ultimate romantic experiences: savor succulent food and conversation with your sweetie while basking in a spectacular view and the cool night air. For the ultimate romantic caf� experience, there are several prerequisites your chosen restaurant should fulfill.

1. Ambience: Your caf� should set the mood for a night of hand-holding and feeding each other luscious goodies. Look for low lighting in the evening (preferably candlelight), beautiful flowers and plants sprinkled throughout, and smaller tables for two�� your knees should almost be touching when you sit down.
2. Intimacy: While a smaller table will make it easier to hear whispered sweet nothings and ensure that holding hands is practically unavoidable, make sure your little table isn�t too close to other couples. Romantic pet names are for a couple�s ears only�� "my little pookie" won�t sound as endearing to other caf� patrons.
3. Setting: Whether it�s a caf� by the water or a candlelit restaurant with an expansive balcony overlooking the street, your backdrop must exude romance. Think sweeping vistas overlooking the water, breathtaking city lights, amazing sunsets, and vibrant street life.
4. Savory food: Even those sitting cheek-to-cheek need to eat. Nothing spoils romance more than tasteless cuisine. When you feed each other over dinner and dessert, it shouldn�t be a chore.

With this checklist in mind, we searched the entire country for ultra-romantic caf�s where you and your honey can relax and enjoy an intimate dinner�� and each other. Click on your region to see which caf� is closest to you.