Women is...: A Word About Lessons

A Word About Lessons

Lessons for beginner swingers usually start off with steps that combine the most popular dances such as the lindy hop, the jitterbug, and the Charleston. Be prepared for a good workout. Swing is about getting your passion and your heart in action. Besides dancing cheek-to-cheek with your partner, you'll be spun, thrown, and twirled from one song to the next.

For those of you who prefer Shania over swing, lasso your guy into taking country dancing lessons with you. Modern country dancing is very different from old-fashioned hoedowns held in barns. The popularity of new country music has helped revive country dancing and has given it a fresher, younger feel. Much of the twang in the tunes has disappeared and cowboy boots are optional.

Just remember that the type of lessons you sign up for should match the music you plan to play at your wedding. You may also want to consider letting your guests in on your plans ahead of time. Some of them might want to polish up their polkas or practice their moves for the chicken dance before the music starts.