Women is...: Dating, Kissing, and What Men Say about Romance

Dating, Kissing, and What Men Say about Romance

Dating and the Single Man
(North America, 1994)
According to survey results, chivalry isn't dead! In fact, most single men in North America like observing the old-fashioned gestures: 91 percent want to open doors for dates, 85 percent prefer to pick up the tab, and 77 percent would like to help their date put on her coat.

Dating Around the World
(Global, 1994)
Fewer than half the women surveyed in 21 countries (47 percent) would choose their current husband or boyfriend as the perfect date!

America's Most Wanted Man and Woman
(North America, 1993)
Want a snapshot of the perfect date? According to the 1,000 men and women surveyed, the perfect male is of average height, with blue eyes and short, neat brown hair. The ideal woman is also of average height, with blue eyes, full lips and wavy, shoulder-length brown hair.

The Most Romantic Men in the World
(Global, 1993)
Women in 14 countries around the world are convinced that men in Italy and France are the most romantic. But when the same ladies rate their own mates, the guys who most often finish at the top are actually from Greece!

"A Kiss Is Just a Kiss"
(North America, 1992)
The first kiss is often the most memorable for the 33 percent of men and women who say they "never got over" him or her.

Kissing Around the World
(Global, 1992)
If love makes the world go around, kissing is an essential part of the process, according to 77 percent of all those surveyed. Fully 49 percent rate their own kissing prowess as eight or better on a scale of 10!

Harlequin Asks Men about Romance
(North America, 1991)
The double standard takes on a new meaning as men advise women to have a lot of lovers before they marry � recommending an average of nine sexual partners. For themselves, the guys said 16 was a nice round number. When asked to rate their love lives, 30 percent reported "great," another 36 percent said "pretty darn good," 23 percent said "average" � and a woeful eight percent reported that their neighbor's dog has more dates!

The State of Romance in North America
(North America, 1990)
When asked, "If you were getting married tomorrow, would you pick the same man you're with today?" Harlequin's respondents gave back a resounding "Yes!" Almost nine out of 10 married women would pick the same spouse all over again. And 60 percent of the singles would like to wed their current guy.