Women is...: The Single Girl's Guide to Weddings

The Single Girl's Guide to Weddings

Yes, you can go solo with these easy steps

Bathing-suit season isn�t the only reason many women dread the summer. All those wedding invitations ominously decorating your refrigerator can make your spine shudder, especially if you have no idea whom to take as your date. How are you going to survive the overwhelming love, adoration, and coupling? Well to start with, stop feeling like the spinster with forty cats and begin acting like the proud-to-be-single woman you are. With that said, leave your cousin at home and go stag.

Sound easier said than done? Possibly. But is it do-able? Positively. Armed with the right information and attitude, you�ll be able to face the bachelorettes' dreaded B's: brides, bouquets and bridesmaids bedecked in baby blue."