Women is...: Communication


"Being honest and direct is everything in a relationship," says Jennifer Zosky, a psychiatric social worker. "Effective communication is key in every relationship," adds Jennifer, "but never is it more important than in a marriage."

Good signs:

* You talk in-depth and openly about life issues such as finances (spending habits, fiscal responsibility), children (if, when, how many), personal strengths, weaknesses, and problems associated with daily living.
* You are en route to discovering how to fight well. Whether you take an issue and break it down into smaller parts, tackling them one by one, or you find other ways to resolve conflict, you have the ability as a couple to disagree, talk, listen, and reach some sort of compromise.
* You don't hesitate to share your feelings and try to do so in an honest, constructive, and sensitive manner.

Warning signs:

* You only know his favorite color and food because you�re afraid of asking the key questions (about money, kids, etc.) for fear of what his answers may be. You are constantly walking on eggshells.
* You spend time sweeping issues under the carpet, harboring feelings of resentment and anger.
* Neither of you is willing to forgive one another.