Women is...: Eight Sexy Ways to Stay Cool

Eight Sexy Ways to Stay Cool

Sparking the fire. Burning kisses. Steamy passion. Not exactly what you want to think about when nearly triple-digit temperatures soar outside, your backside is stuck to the chair and your hair is soaked with sweat.
Perspiration aside, the sweltering heat doesn't have to stifle your love life. In fact, as the barometer soars, we have fun and sexy ways you can turn scorching days into romantic, raging infernos with your partner. Here are some suggestions on how to simultaneously beat the humidity and crank up the heat in your relationship:


Before there was modesty, there was Adam and Eve. What better way to cool down than by going back to the basics? Yes folks, that means getting out of your airless, constricting clothes in favor of your birthday suit (the fig leaf is optional). Whether you choose to take it all off in the privacy of your home or prefer the idea of a late-night skinny dip, you and your fellow chill-seeker will be left shaking and shivering.

For those of you who just can't seem to take it all off, there is another sure way to stop the sweating...a wet T-shirt contest, of course. Sporting your favorite white tee, you, your partner, and a water hose can have your very own private competition. You're guaranteed to come out a winner!

What could be better than a fully-stocked refrigerator? How about a fully-stocked refrigerator that you and your mate are sitting in front of? Forget the energy bill for a night.... it's time to open the doors wide and have some fantasy fun with food. Give new meaning to "heat in the kitchen" and grab the ever-sexy ice cube, the frosty Popsicle and some fresh, chilled berries and whipped cream.

If you can't feel romantic during the sweltering heat of the day, you're sure to find relief at dusk. Some great, low-sweat nightfall activities include a moonlit stroll, rooftop stargazing, or relaxing in the hammock or porch swing. As well, having a sundown backyard picnic is another great evening activity where you can create your very own love nest by pulling out the big blanket, cracking open a bottle of wine, and snuggling up.

When Aretha Franklin sang about the "Freeway of Love" she was onto something. There are few better, more enjoyable ways to escape the stillness of a summer scorcher than cruising along in a convertible. Beg, borrow, or rent a topless car and hit the open roadway . . . your hair will fly and your spirits will soar.

We all want to be a kid again. Soaring temperatures provide the perfect excuse to engage in some childlike shenanigans. Believe it or not, juvenile behavior such as flying a kite, prancing in the sprinklers, going to a nearby water park, or having a major war of water balloons will often lead to more adult-like romance.

Save white Russian's for winter. Summer is the time for "Sex on the Beach." Yes, frosty cocktails are another way to beat the heat. Whether you favor tropical drinks (margarita, pi�a colada, etc.) or would rather stick with the more traditional (beer), mixing a few refreshingly icy beverages and lazing outside together in the shade of a big tree will certainly make the sticky air seem a little sexier.

Pack your bags . . . you're going camping. With your tent and provisions in tow, you can set out to find a magical waterfall or strive to reach the highest peak. Away from the oppressive heat and pollution of the big city, watching the sunset together and sharing a sleeping bag will certainly keep the romantic fires blazing.

Finally, if you find yourself at the end of your rope, delirious and exhausted from the heat, there is one final suggestion. Though it's not an original option, good old-fashioned air conditioning will effectively relieve you. Where can you enjoy the rush of cold air? Most restaurants (avoid the patio) and movie theaters (a great place to catch the couple-flick of the season) will put a chill in your bones, making you grab for the warmth of your partner's embrace.