Women is...

Hettie had a few reservations
about joining the mixed sex gym
-like working out in front of men.
But Hettie soon realized
the men were working out in front of Hettie.

Hettie’s friends were amazed by her rapid increase in fitness.

"Overall, I think I have been extremely lucky to grow up in a society where women are able to gain education and employment, and in which our sexuality is more recognized and accepted than ever before."

"I feel comfortable to call myself bisexual. However, I think the pressures upon women in terms of body image are greater than ever before. Technology allows magazines to airbrush models to utterly ridiculous proportions, giving girls and women unrealistic expectations. Through high school I saw several friends hospitalized due to eating disorders, and I don't think there is any woman in Australia who has not at some stage felt dissatisfied with her body. I believe every body is gorgeous for its individuality."