Women is...: Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Gourmand

Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Gourmand

The Gourmand:
He usually has one complicated, special dish (seafood gumbo, bouillabaisse, osso bucco) that he makes for guests; day-to-day meal preparation, however, bores him.

The Gifts:
Try lessons at a local cooking school, selecting classes that reflect dishes from your shared past � if your first date was at an intimate French restaurant, look for a course on cr�pes; if cannoli make his eyes twinkle, track down some classes on Italian pastries (if you enjoy cooking together, attend as a couple). Find a selection of implements specifically tailored to his cooking preferences (barding needle, mandolin, pastry marble). Is there a famous restaurant he's talked about, or visited before? Plan a trip, or check with the restaurant to see whether it ships its dishes of renown.