Women is...: Maintaining the Mother/Daughter Bond

Maintaining the Mother/Daughter Bond

Dr. Nightingale says the happiest women are not necessarily the ones with partners, but the ones with close girlfriends who give emotional support and get her active and involved. Jane feels comforted by her mother's active social circle: "She has a lot of friends. She's never home when I call her."

Women with busy social lives are more likely to run into a man when she's on that group tour or shaking it on the dance floor. "If women take care of themselves and they hang out where men are, they will be pursued," says Dr. Nightingale.

In the end, whether your mom is devotedly single, playing the field or settling down with a new man, your mother-daughter bond will remain important to both of you. Keep it strong with honesty and open communication, no matter where her love life�� or yours�� is at