Women is...: Young Women Need Folievaya Acid Every day

Young Women Need Folievaya Acid Every day

If are you a woman, and am child's bearing age, what is a tot vitamin, that you must reach daily? Any suppositions? Hint of Hereгs: you must get about 400 micrograms for a day. Yet canгt supposition? This vitamin was shown, considerably to shorten nervous tubulating defects in new-born children.

Does have, you heard of folievoy acid?

In spite of his visibility of increase in medical / health literature, too much young women still donгt know about the dangers of presence too little folievuyu acid in their diet. In a recent review, carried out jointly March Bases of Defects of Births of Dimes and Centers for Control of Illness and Prevention, only about 13% from defendants knew that folievaya acid is effective in prevention of defects of births. Even more an anxiety was a search what only about 7% from conducted knew voting of women, that folievuyu acid needs to be taken before pregnancy will begin.

General Defects of Births, Prevented the Proper Folievym Acid Consumption Before Pregnancy:
# Spina bifida, most general nervous tubulating defects (NTD), - one of most destructive all of defects of births. It takes a place, when a spine is unable to close properly during the first month of pregnancy.
# Results of Anencephaly from the refusal of the nervous giving tubular to close forms properly in an overhead end, causing a fatal condition which majority from a brain is absent in.