Women is...: Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Harried Executive

Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Harried Executive

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The Harried Executive:
The "everyman" of our time. Your man's in demand. With work, home, and family obligations, he's stretched to the limit, but he's never learned how to stop the world and get off, if only for a second.

The Gifts:
The gift of himself, with a healthy dash of you thrown in: a handful of massage certificates good at the local day spa; a certificate good for a weekend at a nearby resort (with you, of course). Put together a relaxation package: comfy slippers, a plush terry robe, a portable neck massager, and some massage oil. If he still refuses to take his nose from the grindstone, try the fallback position: a sentimentally engraved watch. Every time he nervously glances at it, he'll think of you.