Women is...: Making It Work

Making It Work

Maintaining a long-distance romance can be tough, but with some care and attention, it can grow into an incredibly strong relationship.

# Dr. Mary Ann Troiani, a Chicago-based counselor, is a firm believer in the "3 As"�attention, appreciation and affection. She suggests "love rituals" such as calling at special times. "Bedtime's nice, I call it 'telephone tucking.' Show your feelings by sending cards and clippings � not just emails," she urges. A time frame for being together is essential, but even when apart, make certain your lover feels like a number one priority. Most importantly, when arguments arise, never log off or hang up without resolving them."

# Remember to allow an "adjustment period" when visiting your long-distance love. You've both been accustomed to the single life and the habits that come with it, and it takes time to adjust to sharing space with another person.

# Travel costs and phone bills become things you have to accept as a part of your relationship. It can get expensive, but it's important to allow for these expenses whenever you can. As Karina says, "it's an investment in something really important."