Women is...: Love Savers

Love Savers

You're eager for some time alone with your spouse or sweetheart � enough time to relax, enjoy each other's company, get playful. Romance, after all, takes a little time.

But time is exactly what's missing in the lives of most couples these days. Either you're on separate schedules or both your schedules are so jam-packed there's no time to just "do nothing" together. One of you comes home from work and wants to talk, the other wants nothing more than to nap. Either way, you're out of synch and the first thing to suffer is your love life. You may even be cranky with each other. According to Dr. Peter Fraenkel, associate professor of psychology at City University of New York, romance often falls victim to this type of time starvation.

"Couples need more creative ways to keep love alive," says Fraenkel. Not only are people spending more time at work; even when they're not physically at work, their heads are in the office. What they need most of all are new tools for thinking about each other.