Women is...: Predmenstrual'nyy Syndrome (PMS)

Predmenstrual'nyy Syndrome (PMS)

Predmenstrual'nyy syndrome (PMS) - one of the oldest and most general calamities, known to the women and, in the second turn, to the men. "When my wife has PMS, it not - unique, who suffers!" For most women, symptoms are usually soft -- fatigue, crabbiness, anxiety and blowing. But for something, PMS is not soft, it weakens -- generation of strict depression, panicky attacks, and even strong conduct.

Advice in the past was less than usefully from the large row of symptoms of nonspecific nature. Doctors prescribed progesteron, to facilitate symptoms, but the double-blind studies of NIH show that hormone - nothing is better, than medicine for calming of patient. The retailed drugs are also little value.

So, that does make work?

A to mean which seems, helps, is exercise. When women do moderate exercise five times per a week at least during 30 minutes session, their symptoms are considerably diminished. As long, steady exercise causes the release of endorfinov, it makes sense, to hold a level, "pumped" up, so to say, during the last two weeks of cycle. Seems, the continuous production of endorfinov diminishes the symptoms of PMS.

Eat an a bit frequent meal:
It shown, that casual little saccharine snacks are effective in diminishing of milder symptoms. To avoid vibrations in the levels of sugar of blood, does not skip a meal. Eat an a bit frequent meal in place of. Eat the same amount of food which you owe normally, but diffuse it. Have three little meal and middling-morning and middling-temporal after dinner snacks.

Limit stand sugar and include a fibre:
It is better to limit stand sugar, what to try to avoid them. It - it is good to have some sugar, but does not have it on an empty stomach, for this purpose could start a binge. Instead, have a dessert with your meal. It sounds strange, but it is better to eat a dessert during the middle of meal, than in the end. Having anything, a candy at the end of meal, possibly, brings you over, to want more sugar. If you eat a sweet middle meal, traction is satisfied. Not forget, to include a fibre and protein with every meal, to slow digestion and absorption of sugar.

Caffeine of limit and alcohol:
Some women test a spirit intolerance during the last two weeks of their cycle; they show the signatures of intoxication only with two drinks, when it is ordinary beret five or six, to make the same effects.

You will shorten sodium:
Finally, sodium such not large result, because it as soon as it was, but if you are disturbed by liquid inhibition and breast blowing or tenderness, limit their sodium and avoid addition salt.