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Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide

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Find the romantic gift that says, "Just for you"

How do you spell R-O-M-A-N-C-E?
Ask a man about the most romantic gift he's ever received, and you may be surprised by the answer. For the sentimentalist, it could have been a long-sought-after book from his childhood; for the historian, an Edwardian shoehorn; for the lazy horticulturist, a surreptitious repotting of his houseful of plants. These gifts share one obvious quality: The giver was thinking intensely about the passions and desires of the recipient. But then how do you tell the romantic from the merely thoughtful? Here are a few hallmarks:

* The romantic gift should say something about intimacy. It doesn't have to be sexy or mushy (but don't count those out!), but it should reflect your closeness. You alone are privy to details about his loves and hates, passions and hobbies, work worries and leisure pleasures, body and soul.

* The romantic gift shouldn't be practical, even if he is. Yes, he'd like new floormats and some touch-up paint for his Saturn, but your gift should stand apart from the ones he gets from, say, his mother.

* The romantic gift should be something he wouldn't have thought of for himself, and that might even teach him something new about himself.

Use our guide to help you find the romantic gift that says "just for you."