Women is...: The Married Woman's Guide to Romance

The Married Woman's Guide to Romance

You know that lingerie can help you rekindle romance in the bedroom. You've been told about the benefits of becoming an expert exotic dancer for your husband. But what if the lingerie has moth holes and the exotic dancer in you has lost her rhythm? Don't despair. There are less complicated and much more successful strategies you can employ to transform your husband from roommate to playmate. These hints will help you recreate the thrilling feelings and sense of newness that all married women strive to sustain.


Redecorate? Yes, redecorate. It's time to revamp the only space that belongs to just you and your husband...the bedroom. To create a love nest for the two of you (that means just the two of you�� no kids), remove the television and unplug the telephone. Nothing kills romance faster than the 11 o'clock news or a late-night call from your mother-in-law. As well, retire any cartoon character bedding and old stuffed animals in favor of fluffy, inviting, cozy sheets and big pillows. If that doesn't create a romantic atmosphere, pull out the sure-fire hits: candles, soft music, and a little massage oil.


Go back to where it all began, to a time when he could make you weak in the knees. It seems that in our hectic and tired days and nights, most married couples forget the fine art of kissing. In the morning, when you come home at night or as you turn out the lights, try to do more than the perfunctory kiss. You won't be sorry that you took the time (start out with a kiss that lasts longer than 10 seconds) to rediscover your mate's lips.


Though the honeymooner won't believe it, most married couples become creatures of habit in the bedroom. Well, it's time to shake up the routine a bit. First, start by relocating. Whether you make love in the backseat of the car or on the kitchen floor, it's time for a change of scenery. Next, try to discover new turn-on zones in each other �� make a game out of it. If that doesn't spice things up, a little fantasy play never hurt anyone. If uniforms turn you on, don�t be afraid to rent a police or fireman�s uniform. If a cocktail waitress has always been part of his fantasy, put on that apron and play! C'mon, just use your imagination and let your inhibitions melt away!


Instant dinners. Instant service. We live in a world of fast food, fast cars, and high-speed Internet connections. And with multiple roles and interests (friends, family, job, and hobbies), it�s essential to nurture your marriage and put romance at the forefront of your busy schedule. First, spend most of your leisure time together. Try getting out and having fun, a laugh or an adventure together...some undivided attention can go a long way toward fostering intimacy. If you are one of those couples who are constantly pressed for time, try spending your lunch break together, showering together or grocery shopping together. Sometimes the best conversations and romantic ideas happen in the middle of the produce aisle.


There doesn't have to be much planning, effort or money involved. If you're looking for him to show more affection toward you, you must set an example. An "I love you" note cleverly placed, listening when he talks, a phone call to tell him you're thinking about him, an unprompted hug and kiss, or setting your alarm a half-hour earlier for a morning cuddle will not only satisfy some of his emotional needs, but chances are, the benefits will be returned in kind.