Women is...: When Mom Finds Mr. Right

When Mom Finds Mr. Right

Marnie's mother became very depressed after separating from her husband. After two years of rebuilding her life and going on a few casual blind dates, she ran into an old acquaintance while walking her dog. This newly separated man, who happened to live just a few blocks away, quickly became the partner of her dreams. It happened so soon after the separation that Marnie recalls no one had time to worry about mom meeting a man. Now, she's glad her mom did. "Her whole life has changed. She's like a totally different person." Newly retired, Marnie's mom just bought a house with her boyfriend and the two are always busy taking trips.

Women like Jane and Megan dream of this kind of love for their single moms. "I just want her to be happy and to let herself develop what that means," says Megan. If her mom were to settle down with a partner "I would want her to be with someone who adores her," she says.