Women is...: Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Technophile

Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: The Technophile

The Technophile:
He doesn't exactly walk around with a plastic pocket protector and horn-rimmed glasses, but at heart he really is a techno-nerd. The name of his company ends with ".com" or has the word "micro" in it and he spends a large part of his workday in front of a computer screen. He buys almost everything online and his dream gadget would be a handheld computer with a satellite-driven modem (forget those pesky telephone lines!).

The Gifts:
If you've got the resources and the know-how, create a web page devoted to the two of you and send him to it via a romantic email. Of course, there's also the latest game or gadget for his computer and the hottest book in the computer or Internet category. A magazine subscription to Business 2.0 or something comparable is a gift that keeps on giving. Every time he receives the latest issue, he'll think of you.