Women is...: Respect


"A marriage is about friendship, respect, acceptance, and celebration of one another," says Amy Heckman. "I see so many clients whose marriage will end because the respect goes," she adds, "and as a result, distrust and negativity take over."

Good signs:

* You know your partner's faults and limitations and are able to accept some imperfections.
* You grow as a couple and as individuals. You support and encourage each other�s individual interests and identity.
* You feel you can always be your "real self" with your partner.
* You recognize that the diverse experiences and family dynamics he has known have had a hand in making him the person he is. Though you may not embrace all the differences, you do not hold them against him.

Warning signs:

* You think he is perfect or, at the other end of the spectrum, you spend all your time criticizing his character.
* He tries to stifle your interests, insists upon spending every moment together and doing what he wants to do.
* You are constantly struggling to live up to his standards and/or the person you think he wants you to be.