Women is...: Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: Wrapping It Up

Guy-by-Guy Gift Guide: Wrapping It Up

Creative wrapping shows that you care, and there's a certain pride in presenting him with a gorgeously coiffed parcel, but we're not all "gifted" in this department.

Some pretty-package pointers:

* Keep it elegant and know your limitations. If you're all thumbs, skip the paper-folding step. A simple golden paper bow or a tailored gift bag will suffice.

* There's a daunting selection of gift wrap out there. Avoid cute or faddish wrappings: Unless you just know that he'd be tickled to receive an Elmo-wrapped gift, don't do it.

* The old-fashioned basket made with care can be the perfect place to stash small goodies like game tickets, coupon books, or rich gourmet chocolates. It's a novel way to give him a few new pairs of socks.

* As always, think about what he would want.

Time for the Two of You
Now you have the perfect gift all ready for presentation. Don't just hand it to him like you want to get it over with. Make time for a dinner for two and give him his gift then. Whether you go out to your favorite restaurant, order in, or cook an elegant meal, keep it light. When you've got something to celebrate, it's tempting to make foods that are notoriously heavy. You want romance, not sleep. A late-night omelet with caviar? Shrimp cocktail? What if your hectic schedule doesn't leave room for an indulgent one-on-one? As he opens your gift, you can exchange that knowing, secret smile over the tousled heads of your oblivious children. They'll have to go to bed, eventually. And then�