Women is...: Second Weddings

Second Weddings

Second marriage may prove a struggle, but the wedding itself usually goes off without a hitch. Dee Merz, a wedding consultant with Everlasting Memories in Sonoma County, California, says it�s a joy to put together second weddings. "The brides know themselves better as women," she says, and they rarely break a sweat when making decisions. Grooms play a much bigger role in the planning, and every choice is geared to reflecting the couple�s unique personalities. Merz finds these weddings tend to be smaller, but classier, with bigger budgets that get spent on gourmet food, fine wine, and sometimes an exotic location such as a Caribbean island or a winery.

Second weddings are more about the relationship than family or tradition. Brides rarely wear white, but opt for flatting cream or gold, and pick full-length gowns that are classy and streamlined. Usually, there�s just one attendant who picks out her own elegant dress (one she can definitely wear again). Since the couple already has a stack of extended family photographs from first weddings, they often opt for professional candid pictures of friends and family and classy black and white or experimental photographs of themselves. Gift registries also get a new twist the second time around: often the couple asks guests to make a charitable donation in their name, or give to a honeymoon registry.