Women is...: A Word of Caution

A Word of Caution

Getting your widowed or divorced mom to date again and steering her into the arms of Mr. Right could turn into mission impossible, warns Dr. Lois Nightingale, a clinical psychologist who runs the Nightingale Center in Yorba Linda, California. "I really believe adult children are not the best person to give a parent advice. Offering romantic tips can launch a daughter into the parent-knows-best role, and mom might resent that."

Furthermore, Dr. Nightingale says sometimes daughters confuse their mom's wants and needs with their own. If you're having a rough time with your job or your own love life, make sure you're not projecting your problems onto your mom.

You can prevent turning your worries about mom into a power-struggle by simply asking her wants she wants. If you really listen to her answer, you may find respectful ways to help her improve her love life, or her life in general.