Women is...: May-September Romance

May-September Romance

Ever dreamed of strolling into a classy restaurant on the arm of a distinguished older man, thrilling over his silver hair and lifetime of experience? Or, have you fantasized about a romp with a young stud who has boyish charm, endless energy, and pecs of steel? Well, some women not only have flings with men years older or younger than themselves, but find these flights of fantasy can turn into serious relationships and even marriages.

When May-September romances become long-term, women can find themselves faced with challenges they haven't come across before in other relationships. An age difference can mean a major attitude difference when it comes to big issues like money, friends, and having children. Smaller choices, such as where to take a vacation or even what CD to listen to, can also turn into conflicts. But many women whose partner is significantly older or younger than themselves find they overcome these obstacles. In fact, many say that an age gap has real benefits such as feeling more youthful and sharing experience.