Women is...: When Mom Wants a Man, Not a Mate

When Mom Wants a Man, Not a Mate

But mom could also be looking for something other than romantic love, especially if she has financial problems or is very lonely. "It's important she doesn't pay too high a price," says Dr. Nightingale. If your mom is being set up for a scam or is at the receiving end of some kind of abuse, it may be hard to button your lip. Encouraging your mother to spend time with friends may be the only way a daughter can effectively intervene, as she might listen more closely to her peers' cautionary words.

Since older women with high self-esteem and a full life are less likely to get duped by a guy, help build your mom up: pay her compliments, take her on active excursions that help her get fit, encourage her to plan her finances well and shop with her for clothes that make her feel attractive.