Women is...: Sexual Pantaloons

Sexual Pantaloons

Color & Style: That Your Pantaloons Talk about you.... (Or FOR you!)

ì. of Catherine. D'Imperio ©2006

So ladies, what ideas do circulate through your mind, because you choose the undergarments for a day at work, lazy afternoon at home, night, that you will outlay with the inamorata?

Coloured or style, major?

We all know certainly, that boys dig straps fully. Clear, as can be or, bragging all of bells and sings of the buttons, bends and beads are indeed questions it is not. While they are sexual, in covering and barely there, you are an entrance of boot with the mate. Although they - not always the most comfortable maids in the world, straps are saved by our tails, when it arrives to elimination of panty lines.

“Grandmother pantaloons", term, popularized some movie burning, sure, seems, takes a lot of heat from men, who reaches too deteriorates the selection of their friends of sexual unmentionables. If I do not feel good, if I only loaf round a house, even if I am only too darn lazy, to do washing, “normal” pantaloons which it is. I refuse to name them grandmothers. Not get me wrong, I have a complete draftsman, complete undies, – mostly straps, bikini and bras, but I value the comfort of not carrying them, similarly.

So we were carried out through the sequence of style ... But that does do your choice of the coloured opinion of you?

Black: Sex appeal, Seduction, Secretive or only clear "I want to get some tonight, kid!"

Red color: Passionate, Romantic, Erotic... "I want to be fictitious tonight...take my breath far, lover..."

Carnation: Delicate, Flirty, Young... "you, possibly, would get something, you did not could... but I am your tonight!"

Whiteness: Baby, Virginal, Clean... "Be kind with me, and I, possibly, have some fun with you!"

Blue: Bold, Strong, Mischievous. “ I is in control tonight, sexual” *wink*

Purple: Mysterious... "I like to hold you supposition.I will jump you, when you expect it least!”

Orange: Playful... "Let we are had some fun tonight!"

Greenery: Anything Goes... "No location is too risky for me!"

Seal of Leopard: "Rwar, I am an animal, kid. Let us reach wild!"

Nothing: ANYBODY GETTIN' A FEW Tonight!!!!!

RENUNCIATION: These descriptions were created on a passing whim - they are implied, to do you a chortle or discuss their values, nothing further ... only book full of meat, for the clean aims of pleasures! Please consult by the Specialist Victoria’s Secret, if you apply for veritable advice.